We returned home from vacation, to find our 23-year-old cooking teriyaki chicken, vegetables, and steamed rice; in bulk. Dozens of Chinese takeout containers covered our little kitchen. When I asked if they were for sale, his look reminded me who we raised. Of course, he was feeding people for free. Since day one he has loved. His brother excitedly loved him from the moment he found out he would be a big brother. Our youngest arrived, and heartily returned the affection. He is a young man who loves unapologetically, out loud and beyond his years. When he goes through the…

I’m inside a small produce market intently searching.
There’s a festival or at least a parade outside, but my focus is produce.

I pause when I feel it from across the street. My back is half turned inside the store. They reached through the people into the store and tapped my shoulder.
Eyes on me.
Before I turn in that direction to see, I know it’s her.
The first eyes I ever loved, with a level of content never witnessed before this moment.

She has that knowing smirk I’ve known my entire life.
I even hated sometimes. …

If you’ve never been in or witnessed an abusive relationship firsthand, buckle up and hold on tight, this is not going to be pretty to watch. Over the next few weeks, this administration is about to give us a crash course on terror in intimate relationships. And like a woman seeking help from an abuser, the onus of our rescue is on us.

Think of the ex you never want to see again, not even by accident. Not any ex. The Ex. …

Never Live By the Limits of Men

The idea that we have a singular purpose limits God’s plan for your life. Why would The Creator be limited by the small…

You call it Christian love, but your religious ancestors were also liars.

Just as missionaries pried stolen babies from Native parents’ arms to teach them a corrupted religion, you do the same thing today. When you excuse this administration’s family separation policies, you ignore vital facts and context. You also carry on the deceptive American tradition of denying your abusive behavior by accusing the victim of causing it. Children in cages at the United States’ border is a direct product of White evangelical support of this administration.

I know evangelicals hate being accused of the truth. Thankfully, Christianity is not…

I’m not interested in the words that exit your mouth poisonous and dry trying to dehydrate & execute my dreams.
I have no interest in procreating the lies that stain and steal

No replayin' what truth denies, the very garbage that hinders my hopes & prayers
I’m not interested in whom or who did what to whom; in spreading gossip or you calling girls “loose”.
I’m not interested in reliving who meant me harm

Living life out of others’ needs

Sitting back contemplating about whose position may soon open. Who’s got time for hoping...and...hoping -- another’s sin is exposed or…

Gayle King responded that the clip with her and Lisa Leslie discussing Kobe’s past was taken out of context. She stated the question came up during an interview that veered into side conversations on various topics. When I saw the clip, I didn’t like it and it pissed me off. But even if it wasn’t out of context, and she had doubled down, no one has the right to do what Snoop started.

He represents a segment of Black men who are quick to throw black women away and threaten violence as a first resort for any perceived misstep by…

Since 1996 we have taken in more than 20 different people. Including my mother, a couple of brothers-in-law, a sister, a best friend’s son, and a family with 10 kids. We’ve picked up and safely delivered numerous teenagers who were in a bind in the middle of the night and terrified to call their parent without a trusted adult. We’ve crossed the nation at least three times for someone else’s emergency. Counseled at least a dozen couples, been responsible for two people on probation. …


I get paid to be a superhero & mega-villain at the same time. A social worker w/ the random ability to get teens to talk & smile on good days. I have my moments

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